Hi! I'm Radek,
Full-Stack Web Dev.

Radek Busa portrait

I am a senior full-stack web developer based in Prague with almost a decade-long proficiency in latest front-end technologies, more than four years of experience with classical back-end technologies and intermediate knowledge of modern 2020s dev-ops tools.

The tech stack I is TypeScript, Angular, Java and SpringBoot along with RESTful APIs & microservices.



I am always looking for interesting projects to work on. Aside from hands-on software development in almost every popular tech stack of choice, I am also competent in:

  • Front-End Architecture,
  • UI/UX Design & Testing,
  • Advanced API Design (REST/GraphQL),
  • Software Development Mentoring,
  • Research & Development,
  • Team Leadership.


With over 25 successful projects in production and periodically returning happy customers, I am keen to present the most interesting and challenging projects I worked on below.


Current project

I am currently working as a full-stack developer + analyst on a rewrite of a large-scale flagship software product at ICZ, one of the biggest software houses in Czechia. I am constantly refining application architecture, introducing test-driven workflow into the development process and bringing creative ideas to the round table of stakeholders.

Angular Spring Boot Sass Docker Jenkins Reengineering


Current project

Alongside my main project, I sometimes provide Angular/TypeScript training in both basic and advanced topics, tech consulting and occasionally conduct Angular tech interviews, mainly for corporate customers.

Angular TypeScript Recruitment Consultancy Training

Komercni banka


I have worked on a total of three front-end components of internal banking systems in one of the three biggest Czech banks. Implemented two front-end components from ground-up and maintained one. I have also worked with modern dev-ops tools (Docker & Kubernetes), analyzed software requirements and consulted high-level software architecture aspects. Last but not least, I was also interviewing job candidates.

Angular Bootstrap Sass Docker Kubernetes UrbanCode



I have implemented a web portal intended for the customers of instantne.cz Polaroid camera rental service. This also includes a mini webshop and a custom IS for automated camera rental management. I also continuously support and maintain the whole solution.

Vue.js AngularJS Bootstrap Sass Slim Framework Doctrine MySQL



I have created the whole technological portfolio of the (now defunct) startup. Furthermore, I was also UI/UX designer there and I led a team counting three junior developers.

AngularJS Bootstrap Symfony Silex Doctrine MySQL

Czech Open


This one is one of my legacy projects - includes a hybrid mobile application and a custom IS for automating competition management. In 2019, after 5 years of maintenance, I have transformed the application from a legacy platform based on Ionic 1 & Cordova to a modern Progressive Web Application using a unique development methodology.

Progressive Web Applications Ionic Framework AngularJS Cordova PHP MySQL

Other details concerning my skillset, experience and personal perks are available in my resume.

My Resume


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